Big growth for Indonesia’s healthcare industry

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Indonesia’s healthcare industry is expected to grow to be worth more than US$50 billion by 2020.

With the influx of foreign players and the race of local players to shift gear in preparation for faster growth, analysts said the government must take an active role to ensure the upgrades to the nation’s healthcare are beneficial for all people of all statuses.

Various investments in the industry must make healthcare more affordable and accessible, especially for those in less developed parts of Indonesia.

Multinational medical companies operating in the domestic market should be persuaded to develop in-country research and development centres and collaborate with local universities to train capable future human resources.

Data from the WHO Global Health Expenditure Database has revealed that, in 2014, Indonesia’s spending on healthcare totalled only 2.8% of GDP compared to the global average of 9.9%, making the country’s total health expenditure among the lowest in the world.

InsuranceAsia News Staff.

Source: InsuranceAsia News

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