The extensive knowledge and experience of our consultation ensure that clients will receive professional, independent and objective actuarial advice. We focus on providing high quality advice in the following area of services:

A. Post-employment Benefit according to PSAK 24 (Revised 2004)

Helping clients to perform actuarial calculation for their severance and service liability under Labor Law No 13/2003 or regulatory company requirement.

We perform our actuarial calculation in accordance to various accounting standard such as: International Accounting Standard (IAS) No 19; Financial Accounting Standard (FAS) No 87, 88, 106 and 132; Indonesian Statement of Financial Accounting Standard No 24 (PSAK 24 (revised 2004))

B. Pension fund

With a holistic view of retirement program, we help client to :

  • Establishing pension fund, including : scheme of pension fund, actuarial valuation, regulation of pension fund, investment instruction, documentations
  • Guidance and counseling to participant, pension fund administration, retired benefit calculation, pension fund accountancy, pension fund report
  • Doing actuarial valuation of pension fund, financial statement compilation, compilation of operational report
C. Life and Health Insurance Company

Assisting life and health insurance companies to compiling annual operational report, periodically or related to product, covering:

  • Calculation of the companies liabilities for the policyholder
  • Calculation of premium, premium reserve, cash surrender for new life insurance product
  • Calculation of premium and premium reserve for new health insurance product
D. Employment and post-employment health benefit

Assisting consultancy in order to giving good efficient and effective health benefit at the employment and post-employment.

E. Selection of Providers

Should clients decide to use a third party provider, such as financial institution pension fund, life and health insurance Company, we can help to formulate selection criteria and process the selection. In addition, we can also assist clients in the selection of custodian, investment manager, annuity and group insurance product.

F. Merger and Acquisition

Supported by our extensive experience in this area, we can help clients in the due diligence process for merger and acquisition by reviewing the regulatory requirement, benefit harmonization and financial aspect, including planning, managing, and executing the entire process.